Warriors Way Coffee Warthog Medium Plus Roast (US Air Force)

Warthog Medium Plus Roast Ground Coffee

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Brand: Warriors Way Coffee

Type: Medium Plus Roast

Variety: Sumatran

Texture: Ground

Description: A carefully crafted coffee roasted especially for the Senior Non-commissioned Air Warriors. Those who bear true faith and allegiance to our country, and always place their airmen and missions first. Those, who at all times, demonstrate personal and moral courage and who lead our country's Air Warriors and Guardians of the Sky! 100% Single origin, highest grade Organic Sumatran coffee beans. Shade grown in the Gayo Mountain region of Sumatra, roasted in small batches for freshness.

Cupping Notes: Smokey overtones with a rich and bold flavor. Cocoa, maple, spice, berry, medium acidity, full body.

Net Weight: 16oz (453g)

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