Warriors Way Coffee Top's Choice Medium Roast (US Army)

Top's Choice Medium Roast Ground Coffee

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Brand: Warriors Way Coffee

Type: Medium Plus Roast

Variety: Guatemalan

Texture: Ground

Description: A carefully crafted coffee roasted especially for the “TOP SERGEANT”.  The Senior Non-Commissioned Officers who dedicate their lives to maintaining the legacy of our Country's military services; who are better known by their soldiers as - TOP. Warriors Way Coffee dedicates this special roast of coffee to those TOP Sergeants in our Country's Armed Forces who chose the Warriors way. TOP sergeants have shared hundreds if not thousands of cups of coffee with soldiers in the fox hole and with Company Commanders in the TOC and knows that “NOBODY can soldier without coffee”! 100% Organic, single origin, highest grade Guatemalan coffee beans roasted in small batches for freshness.  

Cupping Notes: Smokey overtones with a rich and bold flavor. Cocoa, maple, spice, berry, medium acidity, full body.

Net Weight: 16oz (453g)

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