Warriors Way Coffee Chief's Choice Medium Plus Roast (US Navy)

Chief's Choice Medium Plus Roast Ground Coffee

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Brand: Warriors Way Coffee

Type: Medium Plus Roast

Variety: Peruvian (Organic)

Texture: Ground

Description: A carefully crafted coffee roasted especially for the ocean going Non-commissioned Officer, those “Silent Professionals” who are relied upon for bridging the gap between the Commander and his sailors. Exceptionally skilled seaman are highly prized and since the days of antiquity, to differentiate these men, the title of “CHIEF” was bestowed upon them! Whether on the deck or in the Chief’s Mess, Chief's know their Sailors, ships and boats, run on coffee! 100% Shade grown, highest grade, single origin Peruvian, roasted in small batches for freshness.

Cupping Notes: Sweet, dark chocolate, clean, floral, nice finish, lightly acidic, smooth body.

Net Weight: 16oz (453g)

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